Why Shopping With Your Bestie Is The Best!

There are two ways I love to shop, one is alone. I love to shop alone when I need to be super focused, when I’m looking for something specific or when I feel like taking my time and spending hours hopping from store to store.

The other way I love to shop is with a shopping bestie. (Typically my shopping bestie is my mom because she is always up for anything and I can drag her from store to store without complaint. She’s the best!)

As productive as shopping alone can be, sometimes you just feel like having some girl time. And honestly, there are many perks to dragging a pal along. The first and most obvious is that it’s so much more fun! Spending the day gabbing and laughing with someone you love to be around is one of the best ways to boost your mood! Putting together funny outfits and trying them on (and of course taking hilarious dressing room selfies) is the best!

Another perk is having someone along to give their honest opinion. Typically you can’t count on the salesperson to let you know “yes your butt does look terrible in those pants” because after all, they want the sale! However, your bestie will be the first one to let you know, “nope, those jeans aren’t for you girl!”

Having bonding time with your girls is another huge perk! Time spent just hanging, laughing, and catching up on each others crazy lives is exactly the type of thing that creates strong, lasting friendships. Just like any relationship, a friendship takes effort and time invested. What better way to invest time than to spend an afternoon indulging in retail (or resale) therapy!

With all of that said, the biggest, most important benefit to shopping with a friend is this…

She sees you as you really are.

We all have these self hang-ups. These things we think about ourselves, ways that we see ourselves when we look in the mirror…”ugh, my thighs are too thick”… “my arms are so jiggly” … “I look terrible in anything that isn’t an oversized hoodie”.

And guess what… more often than not we are the ONLY ones who see us in this way! To others are thighs are perfect, our arms look strong, and those hoodies don’t do justice to the beautiful curves that make us a woman.

Shopping with a bestie helps us to take off that self-critical filter we tend to wear when we look in the mirror because she sees us how we really are and is the first one to let us know how pretty we really look in that lace dress we don’t think we can pull off.

Shopping with a bestie is like a confidence injection. Knowing that she won’t let us purchase something unflattering and she will definitely let us know when we find that perfect outfit that has us looking oh-so-sexy , is exactly why shopping with a bestie is the best!

(**Side note: If you can’t think of a friend to shop with that is honest, encouraging and positive, you probably want to to start shopping for a new tribe first!)

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