How I Spend Snowy Weekends

For a summer soul like me, cold snowy days are not something I find exciting!

Give me 80 degree days and warm wind in my hair anytime but as for those icy roads, below freezing temps and blustery wind chills... you can keep those Mr Jack Frost!!

So needless to say, on these snowy winter days while my guy and his pals are dreaming of pulling out the snowmobile gear, you can find me in my coziest pjs, under my furriest blanket cuddled up by a roaring fire in the fireplace sipping coffee til noon then a couple Hot Toddies after that!


With how busy my day-to-day life tends to be with shopping for clients, product photography, paperwork and photo shoots, I often look forward to a snowy day on the couch! And just for fun I thought I'd share a few things I do when the weather outside is frightful, you know, incase you need some inspiration and encouragement to take advantage of a "nothing to do day" without guilt!

So here is my list of the top 5 things that make me feel relaxed yet productive while the snow is piling up outside my window...

1- Catching Up On A Good Book! 

I don't know about you but I have a bookshelf full of books and magazines I'm dying to read but just never find the time to open. Snowy days are the best reading days!

2- Cleaning Up Emails

I can't be the only one with 9,950 emails waiting to be opened, can I??? Even when I try to keep up with emails it's like for every one I open and delete , four more junk emails show up! Arghhh, it makes me crazy! So when I'm lounging and sipping my coffee on a lazy snow day I take advantage of the down time to finally get in there and "delete, delete, delete"!!!

3. Sorting My Socks...

Now I don't care how put-together someone's life looks, everyone... and I mean everyone has a pile or drawer or basket of unmatched socks!! It's an age old mystery how these lonely socks end up in the laundry pile without their mate but such is life.

A cold day cozied up by the fireplace is just the time to grab that basket of socks and start sorting!

4- Stay Connected

It's so hard to stay connected to the people you love when you are constantly running on the hamster wheel of life so when you have a blustery day that keeps you stuck indoors count it as a blessing and a day to say "hey" to all of those friends and fam you've been unconsciously neglecting.

Haven't talked to your gram in a while? Give her a call! Trust me, it will make her day!

Been meaning to connect with that new girl in your networking group? Shoot her a message and set up a coffee date for next week.

Wish you had more time to FaceTime with your nieces/nephews? Give them a call and see what fun games they are playing today and how school was last week.


5. Embracing The Quiet Time

This is my absolute favorite way to spend a frigid winter afternoon! Once honey is out tinkering in the garage and I'm cozy under my faux fur blanket with my feet up on the ottoman and coffee in my hand, I turn off all distractions and sit in the quiet. I drink it in. I let my mind wander. I daydream, I visualize my ideal life, I think through my goals, I get creative and silly and imagine all kinds of fun "what-ifs" but even more soul-filling, I pray. I sit with my eyes closed and I tell God all about what's been in my head all week and all month. I tell him about all of the things that are scaring the daylights out of me, I tell him about all of the bad things I think about myself, I tell him why I don't feel good enough on most days...and then I listen. I listen to Him whispering to my heart. For so long I sit, sip my coffee and just listen. And then, I thank Him because in His presence I realize that all my fears are lies, all my negative thoughts about my body, my mind and my capabilities are all lies. I thank Him because He gave me so much power and strength to overcome every lie of the enemy! I thank Him for giving me a cold snowy day to sit and "be" and to be filled up by Him to keep winning until the next time I can sit and quietly be filled up by Him again!

(And this one, my Cru babes, is the secret to life. Just so you know.)

What have you done to relax and rejuvenate yourself on this cold weather weekend?

We'd love to hear all about it in the comments!




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  1. One of my favorite memories of my Mom is when she would make us help her match socks on snow days…at the time I was young & annoyed but now when I find myself doing it for my boys I grin & think of her. It’s one of those small moments in life that warms your heart. Nice blog!

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