Using Your Mindset To Look And Feel Fabulous

We’ve all heard the phrase “when you feel good, you look good” and it is so very true. I  believe that feeling good is something that starts with your mind. Think about it…you wake up late and instantly are frustrated trying to find something to wear (not to mention that your hair won’t do anything decent) , then you get in your car to head off to work (already late) and realize your tank is on “E” , this sets the tone for the entire day! The rest of your day is spent being annoyed by coworkers, bickering with your honey and finally collapsing into bed praying for a better  tomorrow. When our mind is frustrated, negative, and feeling all “poor me” it sets the tone for how we feel all day and how we appear to others. Our face gives off that “don’t talk to me” vibe, our shoulders are slumped and our overall appearance becomes a huge disappointment. 

So what’s the secret? How is it that celebs, actresses and all of these instagram babes always seem so put together and gorgeous??

Here it is… it all comes down to one thing….ATTITUDE!

Yes, seriously! Your attitude is the one thing that can take your look from the sexy vixen next door to the frumpy woman no one notices, in the blink of an eye.

Your mindset creates your attitude and your attitude creates the way you are perceived by the world. What is it that you are projecting to your daily audience? Are you tired and beat down, just waiting for the next “problem” to drop into your lap or are you fresh, bright eyed and always peeking around for the next opportunity to make someone smile?

Here are a few things you can do to get your mind in the right place and to make sure you are always bringing your “A” game…

  1. Learn To Forgive :  When you hold onto anger it shows all over your face and body. Whether someone simply annoyed you or hurt you so bad that you can still feel the sting years later, do yourself the biggest favor you can and forgive them. Now this doesn’t mean you have to hang out with this person, send them birthday cards, or even call them ever again…it just means that you give yourself the peace and satisfaction of knowing that they are no longer living in your mind . They are no longer having an impact on your thoughts and thus no longer keeping you from being the best version of yourself.
  2. Make Time for You : Another thing you can do to keep your mind right is to take sometime to spend with that super cool chick known as “yourself”. No matter how many things are on your to-do list, you always, always need to schedule time to be with you. Now whether that’s a half hour massage at your favorite spa or 10 minutes sitting on the front porch with a cup of tea,that is up to you but whatever it is you enjoy, make it happen every single day. Make a commitment to yourself to set aside at least 5 minutes of “Me Time” every day and watch the difference it will make in your world.                     
  3. Make An Effort: You and I both know that when we take the time to make an effort in what we wear for the day it always takes our game up a notch. When we take that extra 10 minutes the night before to pick out an outfit and a few accessories to wear the next day it changes everything…our morning goes so much more smoothly, we walk with our head a little higher because we aren’t constantly thinking about how we look and wondering what people are thinking about the outfit we picked up off the floor and tossed on while running out the door that morning. Making an effort when it comes to our physical appearance is one of the key components to maintaining a positive mindset.
  4. Stand Up Straight: Such a seemingly insignificant thing that makes an incredibly significant impact. When you stand up straight it sends a signal to your brain reminding you that you are strong and powerful. It says to the world “I am confident” and this triggers positive feelings in your mind and body.
  5. Simplify : When we clutter up our lives with stuff, it clutters up our minds and when our minds are cluttered it shows in our appearance. When our minds are all junked up on the inside there is no room to think about how we look on the outside. The distress in our head shows as distress on our face…it clouds up our bright eyes and makes our smile a little less authentic. So now that the weather is getting chilly and you don’t want to spend as much time outside, take that extra time to organize your closet, clean out the water bottles and receipts from the backseat of your car (sooo guilty of this!!!) , delete those hundreds of emails staring at you every time you open your inbox. Simplify the things around you and watch how it rids your mind of clutter too.
  6. Enjoy Your Beauty: We are raised to not be boastful, to always be humble and subconsciously many of us use those teachings to take on this persona of always being embarrassed when complimented, shrugging it off like “thanks but…”. Well stop. Right now, just stop. Never again are you allowed to respond to a compliment with “Thanks but I look terrible” or “Thanks but I’m so fat” or “Thanks but my hair is a mess” or “Thanks but….< anything>!” …You are beautiful and if someone recognizes that and wants to tell you about it … LET THEM!!  Respond with a simple “Thanks” and a big sexy smile. Constantly downplaying compliments tells your subconscious mind over and over again that you don’t believe that you are worthy of being beautiful and so eventually you begin to walk around looking like someone unworthy of being beautiful. When you accept a compliment with a smile it sends “feel good” vibes to your mind and can change your whole day.
  7. Create A Self-Love Ritual: Every single morning I wake up at 5am, make a cup of hot tea with honey and sip on it in complete silence while reading my bible. I take this first 30-45 minutes of my day to do something that I love and that relaxes me. I can’t even begin to tell you the difference it has made in my daily life. It has impacted my mindset in more ways than I could list . So what is it that you love? What would you do if you had a free half hour everyday? Well, do it. Pencil it into your calendar every single day as a “non-negotiable”.
  8. Journal, Visualize, Meditate:  These three things are key to getting your mind right.                         Journaling allows you to purge your mind. Getting all of those thoughts onto paper helps your brain and body to let them go, clearing up space to take in new, positive thoughts.                                                      Visualization is the way to create the life you’ve always wanted and the perfect way to maintain a positive attitude. There is so so so much power in using your mind’s eye to see the things you want, the way you want your days to be, and the goals you hope to achieve. Whatever it is, you must see it in your mind first to have it in your reality. Set aside 10 minutes every night before bed to visualize 3 things… 1) Exactly where/ how you want to be living in 5 years. 2) Exactly what kind of person do you want to be now? (How do you want to dress, who do you want to hang out with, what kind of car do you want to drive, what do you want to do in your free time?) 3)How do you want tomorrow to play out? From the moment you wake up til the moment you climb back into bed at night, visualize the entire day. When you mentally set intentions in this way everyday your world begins to take the shape of what you see in your mind. (I swear it’s true!!)                  Meditation is so good for the soul. Meditating can be as simple as sitting still in a quiet, comfy room or as detailed as following a guided meditation on a specific topic. Anyway you do it, just do it. Meditating is like letting your mind take a nap, and if you are anything like me your mind is in serious need of a nap all of the time! I love to meditate right before bed using a guided meditation of bible scriptures (there are lots of good ones available on YouTube). Another bonus of meditating in the evening, it helps you sleep like a baby!
  9. Have A Few Go-To Outfits: Let’s face it, no matter how many great pieces you have in your closet some days getting dressed is sooooo stressful! Avoid the closet frustration by having one or two “go-to” outfits… outfits that you can grab without thought, toss on and head out the door. Have them hanging together in the closet, know exactly which shoes to wear with them and  know for sure that they fit perfectly and will be super comfy all day. Sometimes even the most put-together person has “one of those days” , so be proactive about it and have these outfits in the closet and ready to go in a moments notice.
  10. Be Generous: This right here is the most important thing you can do in your life.It’s a game changer, life-shaper and the simplest way to uplevel.  It is impossible to be generous and at the same time have a bad attitude. Giving is naturally an instant mood booster. When you can do or give something to someone with out expectation of being compensated for what you’ve done/given it takes your day (and eventually your life) to an entirely different level. Your body is instantly filled with “feel goods” and your mind will be in such a great place for the rest of the day. Plus according to the law of attraction, when you operate in a generous way you will attract generous things to yourself. So although being generous is about giving without expectation of receiving, you will find that the more generous you are the more you receive yourself and the more positive and happy your life becomes. It’s like a wonderful, vicious cycle of amazingness! Don’t believe me? Give it a try and watch what happens!

So now that you’ve read my 10 tips for changing your mindset and attitude, which ones will you plan to implement? Pick 2 or 3 (or more) and give them a try for 10 days… then let me know if and how things have changed for you! I’d be soooo excited to hear all about your results. You can email me or drop a post on social media with the hashtag #CruMindsetChallenge.

Luck and love to you!

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