Tips & Tricks To Look Your Best in Photos

Ok, so we know how important it is to have real photos >>and no we aren’t talking about overly filtered duck-lip selfies<< … we are talking professional photos with a real life photographer because well, #adulting. It’s inevitable, there is going to be a time when we need to book a family portrait or head-shots for our business cards or maybe we are feeling a lil frisky and are considering booking a boudoir photo shoot as a Christmas gift for our honey…whatever the case may be we NEED to know how to make sure the camera captures all of our over-flowing beauty, am I right?!?!? So with these thoughts in mind, we reached out to our girl Shyla Wolf of Shyla Wolf Photography to hook us up with the “how – to’s”. Here is what she had to say…

Capturing attractive flattering photos of women is a rewarding experience.  As a local photographer I have had the pleasure of working with women who know how to strike a pose & look amazing, but I have also worked with women who need guidance during a photoshoot.  If you enjoy fashion & modeling keep reading for our top 5 tips on how to look your best during a photo session!

Tip #1 Before you even show up for the photo session ask your photographer what she expects from you.  She may send you sample pictures that she’s done in the past or even ideas from Pinterest or Google.  This way you have a visual of the posing ideas & can practice before the session.

Tip #2 Feeling comfortable with your photographer can make a difference.  The better you communicate with your photographer the more relaxed you will feel & look.  Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer questions during the session.  

Tip #3 Angle your body away from the camera.  Do not face the camera directly.  It’s more interesting & flattering when you pose your body in a different direction.  Usually if you are facing the camera directly you appear wide and flat.  You want to create curves!

Tip #4 Keep your chin high & lean into the camera.  Do not over do this…just slightly raise your chin to elongate your neck and slightly lean toward your photographer.  You always want good posture & to ‘pop it’ when the picture is being taken.  

Tip #5 Facial expressions are key to all types of photo shoots.  The look on your face will say it all.  Yes, some pictures just need that classic perfect smile, but many times during a fashion photo session you need to look seductive or even mysterious.  Take a deep breath and let your bottom jaw drop just slightly.  Also, don’t always look directly into the camera-let your photographer direct your eyes.

Bonus Tip: Don’t be afraid to move!  If you’re modeling a dress or skirt pretend you’re a princess for a moment and twirl slowly.  Blow a kiss to the camera.  Lightly flip your hair.  Play with your necklace.  All of these little movements make for nice pictures.  

Next time you sign up to model, show up to your shoot with confidence!  Now you know to be prepared, lift your chin, pop it & twirl your skirt!
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To connect with Shyla or to check out more of her fabulous work click the link below…

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