The Ultimate Style Coaching Package

Have you ever thought "Why is fashion so hard?" Do you scroll through social media and feel a ping of jealousy when you see so many women looking confident and put together? Are you tired of feeling uncomfortable at social events because your clothes don't fit right or because you never know what to wear? Does the thought of shopping to update your wardrobe make you want to put on sweats and grab a gallon of ice cream?

We get it! As fun as fashion can be, it can also be super overwhelming when you don't know what works for your body. So what's the answer? Our Ultimate Style Coaching Package.


Here is what you get:

  • A One-on-One Initial Diagnosis of Your Style Hangups- During this session we look at what you need to break down those style blocks and feel like the most confident and best dressed version of you.
  • A 2 Hour Wardrobe Consultation- During this session we come to your closet. Our stylist will work with you “hands on” inside of your closet to edit your wardrobe. We will help you let go of those pieces that are holding you back and show you just how many great outfits you have hiding behind all of those t-shirts and sweatpants.
  • A Personal Shopping Session- By this step in the coaching process, we ill already know exactly what look makes you feel like a rockstar and exactly what you need to add to your wardrobe to pull that look off. During this session we will present you with 8-10 complete outfits to try on… jewelry , shoes and all. Included in your package is a $50 credit towards any purchases you make during this session.
  • A “Let’s Shop” Field Trip- During this session our stylist will meet you at the store of your choice and together we will navigate the sales floor. After all, what good is knowing your style if you still don’t know how to shop for it! We will guide you through the styles and materials that are most flattering on you.
  • Photo Shoot!- Our last session is when we have some serious fun! During this session we will meet at Cru with 3 of your favorite new outfits. Here a stylist will style your hair and makeup and then it’s time for some photo fun!! We will have a blast creating some photographic memories for you to share with your family and friends showcasing the new, confident , badass version of you!

Package Price: $349

Payment Plan Options:

2 Payments of $180

3 Payments of $125

4 Payments of $95

** Package must be paid in full before sessions begin. All payments are non-refundable.