Our Pre-Loved Personal Shopping service is perfect for the girl who loves to have new wardrobe options but dreads endlessly digging through clothing racks, fears dressing room meltdowns, and gets overwhelmed trying to figure out what kind of top to wear with those high waisted trousers she has hanging in the closet.

Here is how it works:

First, we schedule your Style Profile consultation - during this 20-25 minute chat we discover your style preferences and most comfortable clothing sizes.

Next, you return for your actual shopping session. (During the time that falls between these two appointments we will be shopping for you and curating the most flattering outfits for your body and lifestyle.)

During your shopping session you will be welcomed into a relaxing setting inside our private client dressing room and offered a complimentary glass of wine or soothing cup of hot tea.

As you enjoy your "me time", we will be handing you outfits handpicked specifically for you based on your Style Profile. You will proceed to try each of these outfits on while one of our encouraging stylists helps guide you in choosing the pieces that look and fit the best. Towards the end of the session your stylist will help you look back through all of the items on your "Yes" rack and help you to decide exactly which pieces are "must haves" based on how you felt in them, how they fit and how versatile they will be in your current wardrobe.


$45 One-Time Client On-Boarding Fee

The rest of the budget is up to you! You decide what and how much to buy!

(Our prices typically range between $6 and $18 per item depending on brand/item)

Schedule Your Pre-Loved Personal Shopping