Who is our Outfit Planning service for?

The girl who wants more time in her morning, who is late for work everyday because she spends too much time in frustration digging through her closet.

The girl who has piles of clothes on her closet floor because everything she puts on "looks horrible" or "feels awful and uncomfortable".

The girl who is jealous of the other girls at the office and the other moms on the playground because they always seem to looks so effortlessly put-together.

Here is how it works:

After a quick video/phone consultation, one of our fashion-trained stylists will come to your closet and help you "shop your closet". We will help you choose outfits that fit and look fabulous for each day of the week.

Your personal stylist will pull outfits for you to try on to make sure you feel great when you actually wear the outfits. She will then lay out the outfits, complete with shoes and accessories, and take photos to send to you digitally as a reference for each day.

Next, you get back to living life but this time in a much more relaxed and effortless way. You wake up in the morning, pull up your "outfit of the day " photo and get dressed! Easy , peasy!


We have several package options to fit your needs!

Package 1 : Two Week Plan $79

Package 2 : 1 Month Plan (4 weeks) $149    **Most Popular

Package 3 : 6 Month Plan (26 weeks) $699

Package 4 : 1 Year Plan (52 weeks) $1199

(For the price of a daily Starbucks coffee you can change your morning game and feel confident and fabulous when you walk out the door! And because you now have claimed your mornings back, you'll actually have time to make -and enjoy!- coffee at home!!)

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