Organizing : The Rule of One

(A guest blog by Venice Rosa. Venice is a professional organizer for her company Functional Fixers as well as a design specialists and planner for Proposals by VR. )

Are the holidays over for you yet?

I know for me, they’re not! With a Spanish heritage background and parties galore, we tend to drag it out in my home! Christmas for us, is a whole month or so affair. For some, and that may include me this year, it can leave you feeling worn out!!
With all the clutter and mess and with all the food and extra gifts, it’s no wonder I just want to crawl in bed and stay there for days!

However, with several businesses, kids and other responsibilities, there is no way that can happen. Even though the festivities are still alive, right after Christmas, I tend to work on how I can make my life a bit easier with clean-up when it’s all done. This helps me to take moments of rest when I want to!

Check it out…I have ONE rule…that’s it, just one! And I call it just that…  The Rule of ONE!

What this means is every day after Christmas, I tackle just ONE thing to organize in my home. How I start is by marking my planner calendar the day after Christmas with those tasks.

For example, your calendar may look like this:
Day 1 (Dec 26th Possibly): Clean out the kids dresser drawers! 

We all have extra clothes and shoes and accessories for the holidays that we either wanted or needed. Well, in order to fit the new items we either purchased for our kids or they received as gifts, we need to make room. So, I make sure that I commit to just doing this one task that day. 

Three Simple Ways to Organize Clothes:

A. Keep Pile

B. Giveaway Pile

C. Simply Throw Away

For your Keep Pile, you may want to keep these items for the kiddos because they are still in good condition and still fit OR you are STORING them in an additional container for the younger child. 

For the Giveaway Pile, you may want to give these items away because they no longer fit and are in good condition. There are many resources all over that will gladly take clothes that are in good condition.

For the Simply Throw Away Pile, many have a difficult time in throwing things away. But, ask yourself, has it been worn out? Does it have stains? Is it stretched out? Does it have holes? or Is it just time to let go? Please, please, please do yourself a favor and pitch it! I promise you, you will feel so much better when you see an organized dresser drawer with new and old clothes that are in WORKING condition for your little peeps!

More examples:

Day 2: Clean out a Clothing Closet!

Day 3: Organize Jewelry or Purses

Day 4: Organize the Coat Closet (with all the hats and gloves and scarves and whatever else is hiding on the floor behind all the coats!)

 And Keep going, day after day if you choose!

Once you see the progress you make in just one day or two days of handling just one task at a time, you will begin to feel motivated with the progress you see. The Rule of One has ONE warning: Beware, you may get addicted…to organizing of course!!

I practice this in my daily life all year round and it has truly made a difference in helping me feel accomplished when life is just so busy! Also, one thing to keep in mind is that the majority of us are visual learners and are able to accomplish what we see, SO… DON’T just say that you are going to do it…make sure you WRITE IT DOWN…Mark your Calendar!

Visualize an organized and well kept haven, your home!

Happy New Year my new organizing friends! Enjoy the Rule of ONE!

~Venice Rosa

Professional Organizer @ Functional Fixers

Design Specialist and Planner @ Proposals by VR

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