How to Survive A St. Patty’s Day Stuck Inside!

The world has gone crazy! Here in Ohio, schools and restaurants are shut down, people are panic-hoarding food and if you run out of toilet paper you better hope you can find some leaves in the back yard!

Being a girl prone to anxiety, this unsettling state of the country is forcing me to find other things to focus on. I'm reading books, cleaning closets and planning the best ever at-home St Patty's day! I've never been one to call off work and head out with the other happy-go-lucky early birds on March 17th to indulge in green eggs and kegs but this year I put it on my bucket list! You can imagine my disappointment today when I found out that St Patricks Day shenanigans were being canceled. However, rather than pout about it, I've decided to embrace the situation! So here is what I have to say about planning an in-home St. Pat's shindig!

First , let's count our blessings! Staying in on this Irish holiday means no long bathroom lines, no reason to actually get dressed  (green pj's it is), you can pig out on all of the foods and no one will notice...oh, and beers are cheaper at home!!

Second, there are sooooo many great Netflix series and shows that NEED to be watched (and are so much more enjoyable with a green beer in hand!) So grab some yuengling, some green food coloring and make your watch list! (I highly suggest watching the ENTIRE Schitts Creek series if you haven't yet! I also love The Good Place and of course I can't get enough of the Gilmore Girls).

Although those are all perfect shows for binge watching , if you are in the mood for an Irish type flick here are a few I came across in my search...

The Hole In The Ground - a horror film

Sing Street - light-hearted

A Date for Mad Mary - funny

Calvary - a dark comedy

The Secret of Kells - animated

Next, lets talk food! An at-home holiday is ALL about the snacks! Of course in true St. Patrick's day fashion it is important to start your day with green eggs and corned beef hash! For lunch you can't not indulge in a rueben, I mean com' on! Finally for dinner, the menu needs to be corned beef and cabbage!

And that's not all! Your morning needs to include an Irish coffee of course with green beers to follow. Oh and be sure to leave room in-between all of this for all of the green snacks!! I suggest mint chocolate pudding cookies, mint chocolate chip ice cream and lots of lucky charms Krispie treats!! Check out this link for recipes!!

> Fun & Festive St Patrick's Desserts<<

So those are my Tuesday plans... I'll be dressed in green, cozy on my couch with all of the treats and shows I need to make me feel just a lil' bit Irish for the day! How will you be spending you're St. Patrick's day?? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments!!





2 thoughts on “How to Survive A St. Patty’s Day Stuck Inside!”

  1. Putting on my shamrock sweater
    Heading to Kravitz for take out Reuben ☘️
    Walk at 3 mi walk in mill creek

    1. That sounds like it was the perfect way to spend the day! Hope you were able to relax, take in the fresh air and enjoy that precious time!

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