How To Find Your Style

To find your style you need to start with finding yourself.

What’s your daily routine? Are you chasing kids around 90% of your day? Are you carrying things? Going up and down stairs? Are you living the gym life? Living out of a gym bag? Or maybe you’re a writer… you spend you’re time at a desk or coffee shop.

What is it that you spend most of your time doing? This makes a huge impact on your style. Do you need flat, comfy, “ready to run” shoes? Would your life work best with clothes you can stick in a tote and change into on the go, something that doesn’t wrinkle easy?

Taking this first step to really figure out who you are helps you to figure out the type of pieces that will function best for your lifestyle. (When you have a wardrobe that works, you can always add in fun pieces to meet your agenda!)

A great example of this would be the “stay at home” mom who never gets to stay home… always on the go, wearing skinny jeans, a comfy tee and loafers during the day can swap her loafers for a fun pair of heels, tie her tee in a side knot, toss on a great blazer, a string of pearls and a fab pair of earrings. Boom! She’s ready for drinks with the girls (once the little babes are with the sitter of course!).

Once you really pin down your lifestyle and what works for your day-to-day activities, now it’s time to look at what you know about your body.

Most clothing is made to fit the perfectly proportioned model body but reality is that most of us are NOT rockin’ that type of bod. So how do we as real women look good in clothing too??

We need to know our body. We need to know what we are working with and then from there we can try, try, try and then cross things off the list.

Do you have a tiny waist? Show it off with belted tops and jeans or pencil skirts with a tucked in top.

Are your legs short? Go with high waisted trousers or skirts with a nude pointed toe heel – both will elongate your legs. #legsfordays

Do you have more than an ample bosom? Steer towards a v-neck top to help fight the “uni-boob”.

Got some extra junk in your trunk? Stick to darker colors on the bottom half and whether its a stiletto or a wedge, go for the heels! They literally give your butt a lift and naturally gives the body an elongated and slimmer appearance.

Whatever way your beautiful body is made, embrace it, honor it, and find pieces to put on it that make you feel like a goddess.

Ok, so now you took inventory of that hot bod and know exactly what your working with. Next, we need to decide what you want to say.

Your outfit ALWAYS carries a message. What is your message right now? Is it “I give up” or ” I’m too busy ‘mom-ing’ and just can’t” or maybe it’s ” I love all of the patterns so I’ll just wear them all at once”

or “Don’t even think about talking to me”

or maybe you are rockin’ a vibe that’s more …

“I love myself and don’t need approval” or ” I know exactly what I want, watch me get it”

or my favorite … “I’m the baddest badass you know”

Whatever your vibe is, know that it shows through your clothing. So if you’re feeling frumpy, swap that mindset and head back into that closet to find something that will make you feel fabulous.

Being a stylist, I want my look to say “I’m approachable and have fun with fashion” . Then if I want to feel a little sexier that day I can add a lil’ something (a killer skirt) or take a lil’ something away (ditch the under cami and rock the v-neck). Or on days when I’m feeling a little more “lounge-y” maybe I will pair my oversized sweater with leggings and my Nikes instead of skinny jeans and ankle boots.

So let’s recap… now we know:

  1. What you know about yourself
  2. What you know about your body
  3. What you want to say

Now here is the fun part… Let’s find out who you want to be!

What are your dreams? Big or small, when you space out and spend time daydreaming about who you really want to be, what does she look like? What is she doing? Where does she go?

Are you wanting a new career? What does someone in your dream position wear?

Are you looking for love? What kind of woman does your dream guy want to be with? Confident? Outdoorsy?

Figure out exactly who you want to be and what that girl looks like, then make a plan for your wardrobe and slowly start to incorporate those types of pieces. You don’t have to overhaul your closet all at once. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Start slow and add in those perfect pieces here and there.

What’s your dream style?

We’d love to check it out! Post a pic of your style inspiration on Insta and tag us @cruboutique !

** PS If you give these steps a shot and are still struggling to find your style, reach out to us!! We’d love to help. After all, that’s exactly what we do at Cru!

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