How To (and not to) Wear Leggings

Let me start by saying … the number one most important thing to remember when it comes to wearing leggings is this…

Leggings are NOT pants.

Let me say that one more time,


Leggings should be thought of as tights/ thick pantyhose… meaning when you put them on you want to pair them with a top (or dress) that will cover your booty!

The general rule of thumb is to wear a top that covers the top of your thighs.

Here are a few styling ideas:

A Dress: A dress that is a bit too short to be lady like when worn alone, works perfectly with leggings.

A Flowy Tank: Spring time brings with it all of those flowy and fun colored tanks that can sometimes look like maternity wear. Slim down the look by pairing it with a long cami and leggings. (*Remember, if your outfit is flowy on the top half you want it form fitting on the bottom half and vice versa.)

An Oversized Top: The perfect way to wear an oversized top without looking sloppy or frumpy is to pair it with form fitting leggings.

A Long Tank & Jacket: Layering with leggings is a great way to go. Just be sure to choose a tank that is long enough! (Remember the rule- if it doesn’t cover the booty, it’s a don’t!)

A Button Down Top: A cute, oversized, button down top belted with a pair of flats gives a casual chic look.

Shorts: Pairing leggings with a cute pair of shorts is the perfect fall/early spring look. You know, when the weather is just a little too crisp for shorts, yet too warm for snow pants!

Other legging tips…

  • Thick unshiny fabrics don’t show bumps and imperfections! Hallelujah!
  • Accessories always elevate the outfit… so add that bling!
  • Wearing the correct underwear is so important! Opt for a thong or seamless panty.
  • Wear leggings that go all the way to your ankle. Cropped leggings should only be worn for workouts and spring weather.

And here is how NOT to wear leggings:

Notice how the top ends just below the waist. This is a huge NO-NO!! This means her booty is what?? Yep you guessed it, not covered!! The short length of this top draws the eye to the area that most of us ladies call one of our “problem areas”, the upper thigh. And regardless,  even if your thighs are toned and you have that thigh gap thing going on, this look can still be quite unflattering because of the natural thickness of this section of your body paired with the clinging material of the leggings.Com’ on now!

So, in conclusion… if you only take one thing away from this article, this is what I hope it will be:

Leggings are NOT pants… so keep that booty covered ladies!! 

Not to mention its just flat out lady like to have a little coverage in that area!


What is your favorite way to wear leggings? We’d love to hear your style tips in the comments below..

Until next time…



( P.S. The leggings styled in this photo are Jamby’s and were provided by Jamby Styles by Sherry. They are available at Teamology Apparel in Canfield – you can find her on FB here> Amazingly Soft Leggings )

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