5 Reasons to Get Dressed Daily

Since we are all working from home, practicing social distancing, home schooling and dealing with a “new normal” let’s chat about the 5 reasons you should get dressed every morning. ☀️ 

1️⃣ Getting dressed changes your energy level. Don’t believe me? Test it out yourself. Pay attention to how you feel when you’re in sweats all day, do you tend to sit on the couch more? Do you feel less accomplished at the end of the day? Now get dressed and see what happens. All of a sudden you have the energy to throw in a load of laundry or to get those closets organized. We swear, it’s true!

2️⃣Getting dressed has you ready for the unexpected! – Ok, so we know a spontaneous lunch date isn’t in the cards these days considering restaurants are living the takeout life buuuut that doesn’t mean the worlds hottest (and single) delivery guy won’t show up at your door and do you really want your first chat with potential soulmate to be in your Cheeto stained T-shirt? 

3️⃣Getting dressed is part of self-care / self-love. Love yourself girl, and for the love of everything , change those four day old leggings!

4️⃣Getting dressed keeps you in routine and being in routine keeps you productive. Now is not the time to get in a slump. Whether you’re a business owner or a corporate world girl now is the time to bring your A game even when working from home because now is when everyone is watching. So keep that routine… get dressed, drink the coffee, and get to building that empire.??‍♀️

5️⃣Getting dressed makes you a role model. Right now with the #stayhome movement so many of us are getting lost in the uncertainty of it all. We’re lounging around in our sweats and our messy buns (and not the cute kind?)… But you getting up, getting dressed, and showing up impacts all of us…whether it’s your children at home seeing mom doing the things like nothing has changed or whether it’s your girls on Facebook being inspired to put on some real clothes because of your cute selfie, we need your “dressed and ready” contribution to the world.

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