Fall Is Basically A Fresh Start

We all get hyped up about the new year. December comes to an end and we sit, waiting to pounce on January with our lists of goals, new habits, and dreams we are definitely going to pursue now that it’s time for a fresh start.

Buy why?

Why do we have to wait til January?

Why not fall?

The air changes, the time changes, the colors in nature change, so who says this new season can’t be the perfect time for us to make changes too?!

Fall, to me, has always felt like the perfect time to make a fresh start.

Here are a few things I love to change every fall…

My Calendar/Planner – Being a girl boss, I live and breathe by my calendar and being an old soul, my calendar is still a book that I carry with me everywhere I go. No – I’m not ready to have my calendar on my watch beeping at me all day long… sorry, not sorry.

I know it is typically tradition to get a new calendar every January but I just can’t wait that long! Every fall I take an afternoon and hit the local office supply stores in search of the perfect calendar. Yes, its an entire experience.. any ol’ book with dates won’t do. #nerdproblems

My Handbag – All summer you will find me with a small crossbody bag, even though at heart I’m an “oversized” handbag kind of girl. Crossbody type bags just seem to fit my on-the-go summer lifestyle hopping from boat, to jeep, to flea market and ALL of the garage sales.

But once fall hits, I’m ready for my “everything but the kitchen sink” bag again. This year I’m in the mood for a brown, real leather, designer bag – maybe a tote style, maybe a hobo style. Despite my many hours of scrolling, I have yet to find the perfect bag, however, there are two things I know for sure…

1- I’d rather pay a little more for a good, classic, quality made bag rather than purchasing some fast-fashion, trendy piece that is less likely to hold up through the season.

2- I’ll only be purchasing a “pre-loved” bag. As much as I’d love to be that girl that buys her designer bags brand new, I just can’t bring myself to pay retail prices when I can find gorgeous designer bags at even prettier prices on sites like Poshmark, at local consignment shops or even on local Facebook Buy, Sell, Trade groups.

*Always remember, part of being a #crugirl is shopping smart no matter where you are or what you’re buying.

My Closet – Now this is an obvious one as we are all planning to change over our wardrobes from summer to fall. I know many of you dread this task, however, it is one of my favorite things to do! And here is why… at the end of every winter season I purge my closet. And when I say purge, I mean I get rid of almost every single thing in my fall/winter wardrobe whether it fits/I like it or not. (I do keep a handful of special pieces that I’m unwilling to part with) Then all spring and summer long I shop! I hit garage sales, consignment shop sales, thrift store markdowns and I slowly replace my cold weather wardrobe with pieces I find at super low closeout prices. This does a few things…

  • keeps my wardrobe fresh
  • gets me excited about changing my closet over for the new season
  • makes me feel like a boss because I always have a whole new wardrobe with very minimal investment

Now, just for fun here is a list of a few things I totally wish I was brave enough/ motivated enough to change every fall :

  • My Hair Style/Color – I’m dying to try bangs but also way to chicken to ever attempt it !
  • My Morning Routine – Up at 5am, bible time, journal time, quiet time with my coffee then straight to the gym … this is my ideal morning. My real-life morning is more like… alarm set for 5 am but don’t get up til 630 am, brush teeth, throw on gym clothes, get back in bed for 10 more minutes then at the last possible minute drag myself to the car and head to the gym to meet my trainer and whine about how tired I am.
  • My Need For Approval – anyone else?!? Like why is it soooo hard to go through life not caring what others think of us?!? Ugh.

So there it is… things I change every fall and things I aspire to change every fall. #imaworkinprogress

Do you see fall as a fresh start? I’d love to hear about your favorite fall changes! Drop a comment and let’s chat about it!

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