Creating Confidence with an Alter Ego

Guest blog by Marissa Pacelli aka Gwen Savage. Marissa is a mindset coach, personal growth junkie, and host of Life Could Be A Dream Podcast.

Hey lady!

One of the MOST asked questions I get is how to be more confident!

The short answer? Uncover your alter ego.

It sounds so complicated right? But I promise it’s not. Allow me to explain…

I fully believe that we all have EVERYTHING inside of us to become our best and most confident self. It just takes a little digging through all the garbage we have allowed ourselves and others to pile on top of our most authentic version of ourselves.

The reason why most women become FALSELY confident when trying to figure this riddle out is because INSTEAD of taking out the trash and eliminating all the crap we have grown to believe about ourselves (not realizing this is even an option) they will just try to polish the crap out of the trash (pun intended). They keep all the crappy characteristics that they allowed themselves and others to add to their story and they try to filter or hide whatever isn’t “acceptable”.

But there’s something much easier and more permanent.

UNCOVER your alter ego that is ALREADY completely and most authentically you in your purest form.

Here’s how we do it:
1. If you were EVERYTHING you wanted to be, what would that look, sound, and feel like? Think about what you idolize in others. Those characteristics, traits, and qualities are NOW your alter ego. What does she do in certain situations you may struggle with now? (WWGD – What Would Gwen Do?)

2. Debut of “Gwen Savage”. Come up with a name that quite soulfully fits those qualities you chose. Don’t over think this one, keep it light and fun. Just go with your gut!

3. Wardrobe!!! The most exciting and important part that ties it ALL together is the look. Find a new style, accessory, and look that also soulfully fits your alter ego.

4. Consistency is key. Commit the style and specifically an accessory that you can put on and wear WHENEVER you need to call on your alter ego to lift you up or bring out your badassness! I loved using lipstick, because it could be bold or subtle.

Keep in mind that you are not making up a new identity. You are bridging the gap between who you THINK you are and who you WANT to be. If you truly take all the steps you will see in a short period of time that you begin fully embracing your alter ego and soon it’ll be hard for even you to tell who’s who!


Marissa Pacelli aka Gwen Savage

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My name is Marissa Pacelli aka Gwen Savage. I am a mindset coach, personal growth junkie, and host of Life Could Be A Dream Podcast. I help women cut out BS belief systems so they can uncover their true power to level up every area of their life in massive ways.

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