Being Your Own Super Model – A look at our collaboration with Shyla Wolf Photogaphy

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Be your own super hero” …well, we decided to put a spin on that great piece of advice, we are saying “Be your own supermodel!”

Why, you ask?

Let’s think about it, what does it mean to be a supermodel? To me it means you look put-together and gorgeous, people look at you with a tinge of jealousy (because… you know, you’re a supermodel!!)  you know exactly what to wear and are super confident about it all. And what does confidence do? It changes the game!!

Feeling confident can make the difference between a lousy day and the best-day-ever!!! And the best way to feel confident is to pamper yourself… do something nice just for you…just because.

That is one of the reasons we decided to partner with Shyla Wolf of Shyla Wolf Photography for the first time last September. As we get ready this year to launch our 2018 Fall Fashion photo shoot ( now our third collaboration with Shyla, with many more on the horizon!!) I just wanted to reflect on our “why” and how it came about.

Our “why”…

We want to give women the opportunity to do something fun and nice just for themselves. We want these women to spend a few hours feeling like the most incredibly amazing people in the room. We want them to know that the beauty they have inside can shine on the outside. We want them to be their own supermodel!!

When we launched the first fall fashion model call we were hoping we would find a couple girls interested in getting all dolled up and having their pics taken at a beautiful local winery. We were simply hoping to get some images to use to market our businesses and I was hoping to add to my “styling” portfolio. However, what we ended up with was soooo much more. Not only did we come away with ahh-mazing photos but we also gained friendships. Now most of these women were Cru clients or women that we have met through networking groups, basically they were an acquaintance… however, after hours of photos, outfit changes, laughs, wine and a whole lot of cold air and wind, I now call these women friends.

This experience was incredibly empowering for myself and I feel as though it also was for all of our gorgeous models (or at least I reeeaaallly hope it was because they totally killed it!)


Check out these amazing images from our super fun girl’s day at Halliday’s WInery !!



So in conclusion,

do yourself the biggest favor you can… take opportunities, smile for the camera, and always, ALWAYS be your own super model!

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