An Interview with Me!

This week I was assigned to work on a project and part of that project was to interview myself. I was asked to make up questions and then answer them. At first I found this task to be super difficult .. but then, once I got in the groove, I loved this assignment! 


And, since one of my favorite things is building a connection with you Cru babes, I thought I’d share a few of my responses to give ya’ll a little glimpse into the girl behind Cru. 

So here it is…  


 Q: Why do you want to work as a personal stylist?

A. Growing up as an oldest child without older female siblings or cousins to learn from, I struggled with fashion and in turn struggled with confidence. I never knew what to wear to fit in and was too self-conscious to create my own style. I often flipped through magazines and looked to celebrities wishing I knew what they knew, or knew someone that could teach me. The reason I desire to be a personal shopper is because I want to be the person I needed so long ago. I want to help others find confidence through fashion by showing them the right pieces that work for their unique and beautiful bodies. 


Q: How do you cope with pressure?

A. I thrive under pressure, I always have. When I’m working under pressure it allows me to focus directly on the task without allowing time for distractions to creep in. I also make sure to spend time after work hours practicing self-care such as meditation and taking spin classes/ exercising to help keep my mind calm and in balance so I can better handle high pressure situations when they arise. 


Q: What would you consider the most rewarding aspect of a career in personal shopping/styling?

 A. The most rewarding part of my career is helping someone find confidence through their clothing. I love when a woman puts on that perfect outfit , looks in the mirror and you can see her entire demeanor change when she realizes how beautiful she truly is. I love the fact that confidence gained through wearing the right clothing can change someone's entire life!


Q: Which magazines do you subscribe to?

A. InStyle, Glamour, Vogue, Entrepreneur and Forbes

Q: Who is someone who inspires you in the fashion world and why? 

A. I am greatly inspired by style icon, Sarah Jessica Parker. As Carrie Bradshaw she was able to pull off the most extreme and amazing outfits making you feel like these looks were something that the everyday girl could pull off as well. As herself, in real life, I am inspired by her hustle. She is an actress, producer, business owner, designer, etc all while also raising a family. An extremely talented and natural beauty. 


Q:  Which celebrities do you feel have the best style?

A. Two celebrities (other than Sarah Jessica Parker ) who I feel have the best style are Jennifer Aniston and Candace Cameron Bure. I love that both of these women always look put together and have such a classy vibe to their look. 


Q: How can the fashion industry improve?

A. It would be a great improvement to the fashion industry if clothing was made for real women. So many clients I have worked with struggle to find clothing (especially pants) that fit them properly. So many designers create clothing that inspire women yet won’t fit/ would look terrible on the average woman’s body. I would love to see more off-the-rack pieces made specifically for women (of all sizes) with curves. In recent years we have made progress within this issue by shifting a focus to “loving our bodies” , finally creating trendy fashions for plus size women and some brands have even realized that model bodies aren’t the average body… but we still have a long way to go. 


Q: Describe your signature style.

A. More often than not you will find me in solid colors, typically neutrals (gray, black , white , tan) . I love oversized slouchy sweaters, layering with jackets and vests, jeans with boots and black leggings with my black and white Nike sneakers on days when I know I need to be active in the studio (processing inventory and photographing products). You will also always find me with earrings and bangle style bracelets.. (even when I’m wearing leggings and a hoodie! I feel naked without these accessories!) And I never leave the house without a dusting of bronzer and a spritz of Chanel perfume.

Just for Fun - Rapid Fire Questions:

Q: What is the best thing that happened to you this month?

A: I got in the mood to do an alcohol cleanse/break, because of this I’ve lost weight, feel great, have tons of energy, am more focused and sleep so much better!


Q: What is your favorite beverage?

A: Currently I’m loving a hot mug of Blackberry & CInnamon tea with a scoop of local honey.


Q: When are you most inspired?

A: When I wake up early and can sit on the couch with a cup of coffee and a notebook, brainstorming and and enjoying the quiet before the sun rises and the world wakes up.


Q: If you could teach one subject in school what would it be? 

A: If I could teach something to children I would teach on the subject of confidence. Confidence is something that absolutely determines the course of one’s life and I would love to help young people develop the skills and mindset of confidence before heading out into their adult life. 


Q: What is your favorite kind of birthday cake?

A : I’m a sucker for banana cake!!

Q: What makes you laugh no matter what? 

A: My friend Shyla Wolf!


Q: Must-have purse item?

A: Mint candies


Q: As a 12 year old, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

A: A teacher


Q: How do you start your day?

A: Making coffee and a home cooked breakfast for my honey.


Q: How do you end your day?

A: With a cup of hot tea and scrolling pinterest for inspiring ideas.


Q: Heels or flats?

A: Heels

Q: What’s your favorite exercise?

A: Spinning


Q: First celebrity crush? 

A: Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Randy from Home Improvement)


Q: Trend you would like to see disappear forever?

A: LulaRoe patterned leggings worn as pants.


Q: How do you drink your coffee? 

A: With a splash of oat milk

So there it is… so many things you never knew  about me!!! 

Now I have a question for you, Cru babe… because I’m super curious…

What is one trend you would like to see disappear forever??

Drop your answer in the comments!


3 thoughts on “An Interview with Me!”

  1. I’m with you on the Lularoe leggings, but I also would love to see women realize that they don’t have to dress a certain way to look and feel sexy. Believe in yourself, be confident in who you are encourage and be kind to others and no matter what you wear your beauty will shine! ❤️

  2. Hair scrunchies…they went out of style for a while but now they’ve made a comeback! Not only for girls but now everyone has been known to wear one! There’s nothing wrong with them, I just don’t care for them : )

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