Our Mission

 To make you the boss of your closet.

What does that mean?

It means you, as #closetboss,  do not put up with clothing you don't love. You refuse to wear ill-fitting, sloppy, oversized (and not in the trendy way) , too tight or just plain ugly clothes just because you a)hate to shop, b) don't know how to shop, or c) are on a budget. As #closetboss you wake up every morning excited to open your closet because you know everything you pull out of it looks great on you and you know exactly how to wear it...accessories and all! No more stressful mornings when all you want to do is go back to bed because you have "nothing to wear".

 The best part? You also save money filling that stylish closet... which makes you not only a #closetboss but a super smart #bargainista !

Oh and one more thing, because a closet boss understands the value and (coolness) of shopping "pre-loved" , you are also helping to save the world by saving and re-loving clothes that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill, contributing to environmental sadness.

So.... are you ready to be a fashionably eco-chic, stylish-on-a-budget #closetboss ?

Perfect! Check out our Fashion Services tab for a list of ways that we can help get you there!

Meet Stefanie

A Jesus loving, sunshine addicted, French martini sipping, reading obsessed, fur-baby rescuing,  Gilmore Girl binge-watching, thrifting and garage sale-ing queen that lives and breathes all things fashion.


Stefanie Sobinovsky

Founder & Chief Stylist

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