A Beginner’s Guide To Cashing In Your Closet


If you are anything like me your closet is overwhelmed with clothing that you just never wear! Stacks of blue jeans, adorable sweaters that just don’t fit right and quite a few dresses that you swore you would wear someday, somewhere (but never did). What’s worse than having all of these things staring at you every time you get dressed in the morning? Knowing that these things are like cash sitting in the closet!!! Seriously, why leave them for the moths to enjoy when you can take those no longer loved items and turn them into the perfect outfit that you will wear all of the time?!?

But where do I start, you ask??

Here’s my Guide to Cashing in Your Closet!

  1. Poshmark – Okay, if right now you are thinking Posh-what?? Stop and grab your smartphone, download the Poshmark app (you can use code STEFZ02 and get $5 to shop with when you sign up!) And, you can thank me later for opening up this amazing (and addicting) world of fashion to you! You are going to LOVE it! Poshmark is a super easy to use and fun selling option. Although there is a very, very small learning curve, once you get in your groove, its actually the best avenue for getting the most $$ for your pieces. *** Cru offers Posh & Sip Workshops to help you learn to navigate and succeed on Poshmark whether that means selling or even just shopping and finding the best deals! Check out our Events tab to see when our next workshop will be offered. So what exactly is Poshmark? Think Ebay for fashion. Posh is an app/site where you can shop and more importantly SELL your pre-loved items!! This can include accessories, shoes, handbags,etc.(Bonus: Posh also allows the sale of Men’s and Children’s clothing as well! So all of those sweaters you bought for hubby that still have tags, stick them on Poshmark and get that $$$ back girl!)                                                                                                                                        
  2. Swap & Shop – This is the best way to turn those closet rejects into a usable and stylish wardrobe! With Cru’s Swap & Shop program you can swap clothes for credits to shop. Here’s how it works: Simply set an appointment to drop off your gently used clothing and accessories. (All must be clean, folded and in bags or boxes.) We will sort through your pieces and within 24 hours let you know what amount we can offer for your items. If you accept our amount, you will receive a gift card in that amount to use towards your next shopping session. We will also let you know if there are items that we cannot accept, if this is the case these items can be returned to you or donated to one of the local charity organizations that we work with. Easy, peasy!!
  3. Consignment Shops- Consigning your un-loved clothing is another great way to cash in that closet! Consignment is when you leave your items at a local consignment shop for them to sell for you. (Seriously, how easy is that?!?) Typically these types of shops offer a 60/40 split, meaning when the item sells you will get 40% of the sale price. After 90 days most consignment shops give you the option to pick up any un-sold items or to have them donated. As easy as this process is, it is still important to do some research before showing up at one of these places with a car load of clothing. Be sure to look online or call ahead to find out the store’s consigning policies. Often times these types of places have a limit on the number of items you can bring in at one time as well as rules such as “all items must be wrinkle free and on hangers”. Another common practice for consignment shops is to have set days/times for drop-offs.Here is a list of a few awesome consignment shops local to the Youngstown area:
    • Diamonds in the Rough (Austintown, Ohio)
    • Raks Nearly New (Liberty, Ohio)
    • Love Thy Curves (Boardman, Ohio)
    • The Curiosity Shop (Canfield, Ohio)
  4. Buying Shops – So maybe you don’t feel like waiting for your items to sell at a consignment shop, don’t have the patience to list them all online and would rather have the cash than to swap them for new clothes, if so, then a buying shop is for you! These would be places like Plato’s Closet and Uptown Cheapskate… secondhand stores that buy your items outright. Basically bring in clothes, walk out with cash. Sounds great right??? Well yes, cash in hand is always great! However there are a few downers about these types of places. One being that they tend to look for younger styles, clothing geared toward a teenage/early 20’s crowd (which is great if that is your age bracket!!! Cash that stuff in girly!) Second, because of the risk of buying items that may sit on a rack for a long time and maybe not sell at all, these types of stores tend to not offer great payouts for the items (oftentimes you can make more having a yard sale with your items!) Another thing to be aware of is that these places are super picky about the items they will take, often only taking certain brands that are very current and in pristine condition. So when taking items to them, make sure they look good! Wash them, iron them, run a lint roller over them… walking in with a bag full of balled up clothing covered in dog hair is going to have you walking right back out with no extra cash in your pocket! Just sayin’.         
  5. Buy Sell Trade – If you have been on Facebook any length of time I’m sure you know exactly what a buy sell trade group is. If not, here is a little info… a Buy Sell Trade group is a separate page designated for selling particular items (there are BST groups for almost everthing… clothing, houseware, vehicles, wedding décor, etc) . Oftentimes you must “request” to be a member of the group. Once you are accepted you can post items to sell. Simply add a photo, a short description and a price. Once someone comments that they would like to purchase your item you can message them to arrange a time/location to meet and sell them your item. (** Please use extra caution when meeting unknown people to make your exchange. Take a friend along for the ride or at least let someone know where and when you are meeting. Also be sure to meet in a public place during daylight hours – the local police station parking lot is a great option! Smart is sexy and the world is a crazy place these days so always use your head, it’s better to be safe than sorry.) Be sure to check out the group rules for any of the BST groups you plan to sell on, often there are guidelines you must follow such as how many posts you are permitted to post in a day , what types of items you are permitted to post, etc.
  6. Create a Page – Let’s say you have a TON of things in your closet that you just can’t stand looking at anymore, maybe you should start your own Facebook group page to sell on. Basically your own online store. Come up with a cute name and cover photo, invite a bunch of your fashion loving friends and get to work posting. This is a great way to sell your items for a little more than what a buying shop would offer and a quicker way to earn cash than sending your items to a consignment shop. The only downfall is that it is time consuming to interact with all of the buyers and arrange pick up times that are convenient for both parties. It is also frustrating when a buyer decides to not show up for your meet (and believe me this WILL happen!) . However, there are ways to stream line these things such as choosing a few specific days/times of the week that you will meet and let all buyers know ahead of time that they must be available during one of those times in order to purchase the item. This also allows you to schedule several meets at one time making things a little more convenient.

Just a few tips before you begin selling…

  • Think about the seasons – Pay attention to the time of year you plan to sell your pieces. Is it August? People are getting fed up with the heat and starting to think about fall weather , pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweaters and boots. Is it the end of March? People are so ready for spring, warm weather, tank tops and flip flops. Make sure that you are offering what people want, this makes a huge difference in how much you will sell.
  • What’s the condition? – Now this seems like it would be common sense however, unfortunately sometimes it needs to be said so here it is…. No one wants your coffee stained t-shirts and leggings with the hole in the crotch! Throw that stuff away girl! When you are trying to sell or swap your stuff take a few seconds to look each piece over carefully. Are there armpit stains on that white blouse? Fraying on the bottom of those jeans? Basically if you wouldn’t buy it from a store, don’t try to sell it to someone else!! (Of course there are exceptions when selling vintage or high-end items online. Sometimes buyers are willing to purchase the item, flaws and all because they may be able to repair it or want it in a distressed condition. Use your own judgment. Just be sure to disclose every flaw and provide close up pictures.)
  • The age of the style – Most consignment stores are only going to accept current trends (typically styles from within the past year or two) however when selling online, vintage pieces tend to sell pretty well. Especially if you can show images of that vintage piece styled in a modern way. So just because an item is a little dated, don’t discard it right away. Find a way to make it look cute in a photo and stick it on Poshmark (or even eBay).                                                                                                                                                                  

Now that you have a few selling options, it’s time to stop procrastinating and jump into that closet! Get it cleaned out and cashed in!

If you have any questions or would love to hear more info on any of the ideas mentioned above feel free to reach out to us at Cru. We’d love to help!

Until next time…





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    1. Hi Yolanda!
      I would love for you to participate unfortunately with shipping rates so high it would probably cost you more than you would make out of the deal when shipping from Cali.
      However, if you ever want to do any “swaps” through Poshmark I’d totally be open to that! If you don’t remember, our Posh closet is @Stefz02 . Have a fabulous holiday girl !
      Loved hearing from you!

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