5 Ways to Look Good in a T-Shirt & Jeans

Who doesn’t love a great pair of jeans and a super cozy tee??? But what is the trick to not carrying the “I gave up” vibes when your in your comfiest get-up ? Check out our 5 favorite ways to rock a tee and jeans!

#1 The French Tuck

I’m sure you’ve seen it. It’s one of the most current trends and for good reason, it’s the perfect way to give some shape to an otherwise frumpy look. The French tuck, what is it? It’s simple. It is when you take the edge of your top and tuck it (sloppily <– is that a word? ) into one side of the waistband of your pants. Bam! That’s it. Trendy, put-together vibes all day long.

#2 The Side Knot

Yep, we are going totally 80’s on ya. You remember it, the classic side knot. All you do is grab the side of your top , twist it around and tie a little knot. Wahlaaa, you’ve just changed the entire look of your outfit. Highlighting the smallest part of your waist because of the pull of the tee. Genius, right?! I know! It’s my fav look!

#3 A Classic Blazer

The easiest way to pull anything together. You can literally wear a rugged Michael Jackson tee and still look chic at the office by tossing on a classic blazer. Also super cute with a hot pair of jeans and some killer heels for a night out and about.

#4 A Lacy Bralette

Another hot trend right now is the bralette peaking out under any kind of top. What is a bralette? Basically it’s a lacy or strappy bra that is adorable and usually extremely comfy to wear. Pairing this with a sloppy tee (after all you do want the straps to show, otherwise what is the point) is a great way to add a little fun and sass to a plain ol’ drab look.

#5 An Oversized Cardigan

Is anyone else as happy as I that this is a trend? I mean what is more cozy on a chilly day than a big, thick, warm sweater wrapped around you? And how easy to style, right? The only thing to keep in mind is that you want to pair this oversized dream piece with something slimming… whether that is a pair of skinny jeans or a form fitting tank. BTW, this look will also work during the spring with a cute pair of denim cut off shorts and ankle boots!

What is your favorite way to wear a t-shirt? We’d love to hear from you ! Leave a comment and let us know or better yet tag us on Insta (@cruboutique) with your t-shirt selfie!

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