5 Fall Fashion Myths

It’s finally here… the cool weather has begun, the leaves are changing colors and we can finally pull out those cozy sweaters and indulge in everything pumpkin. This is my second favorite time of year ( summer is my first, I’m a soak up the sun kinda girl!) .

Every year as I work with my clients, transitioning their wardrobes from summer looks to fall ensembles I notice more and more the struggle women face when it comes to exactly what is appropriate fall attire. Face it Lady Fall can be quite moody… some days she’s hot and sweaty and some days she’s feeling cold and crisp. So how do we handle the up and down of daily temperatures when we get dressed in the morning? Does fall mean only sweaters and socks? Does October 1st mean you better not think about wearing a summer dress for months to come?

I’ve decided to bust some of those fall fashion myths here and help you navigate through fall weather fashion.

Myth #1: You Should NEVER, EVER, EVER Wear White After Labor Day!!

Wrong!!! You can wear white whenever the heck you want to wear white! Who made up that rule anyway? White is one of my favorite colors to rock because it looks good with EVERYTHING and it adds a little class to any outfit. (Just remember to keep your whites clean, bright and crisp or it will ruin the whole effect.)

Here is my guideline for wearing the color white… wear white up until the snow starts falling . Once that white powdery stuff is on the ground you don’t want to be walking through the slushy snow with crisp white jeans on. When the weather is snowy, switch over to a “winter white” ( meaning more of an off white / creamy shade).

*Now these tips refer to wearing white on the bottom half of your body, when it comes to wearing white tops I say have no fear… rock that bright white all year long! Nothing is cuter than an oversized white sweater with skinny jeans and brown boots!

Myth #2: Cropped Pants Are A Fall Fashion “No”

Wrong again! Cropped pants are another look that can be worn up until the snow starts to fly or until the temp is super cold (and then all ya have to do is wear them with high boots to cover exposed skin and you can totally rock them all winter long!)

There are two tricks to styling cropped pants in the fall …

#1 – Pair them with fall colors and fabrics, meaning take those mauve ankle pants and wear them with a cream colored sweater, a brown and mauve scarf and a closed toe nude heel (or flats) .

#2 – Pair them with a closed toe shoe. You want to wear a closed toe heel or pair of flats because anything that shows your toes will create a look that shows too much exposed skin tending to appear a little too summery.

Myth #3: Open Toe Shoes and Sandals Are Only For Spring And Summer

Nope! Open toes can be worn well into the fall. As long as its not super cold and there’s no chance you might get frostbite on your toesies, I say wear em! Now just as I mentioned with the previous myth, you want to make sure you are styling your open toe shoes the right way by pairing them with fall looks. Throw on a pair of mule sandals with skinny jeans and a long sleeve waffle knit top or a pair of black peep toe pumps with flared jeans and a buffalo plaid flannel button down.

The only exception is flip flops… unless that fall day is 75 degrees or warmer, leave the flip flops at home.

Myth #4 When Fall Arrives Summer Clothes Should Be Packed Away

This is so not true. I leave my summer clothes out all year long and here is why. What is the perfect thing to wear underneath a cardigan? You guessed it, a tank top! So if your tanks are packed in a Rubbermaid container in the basement under Lil’ Jimmys lego collection how can you possibly style that cardigan? I hear some of you thinking “I have specific fall cami tanks to wear with my cardigans”…well, no…. break out of that structured rut! Fashion is supposed to be fun , not specific and rigid. You know that flowy floral sleevless top you bought this summer that you LOVED and felt sad packing away, pull it out!! Put it on with a pair of jeans and that long cream cardigan hanging there next to your “blah – fall cami tank top” . Oh and that adorable yellow sun dress you only got to wear one time… put it on with a pair of knee high brown boots, a jean jacket and a cute brown patterned scarf! You’ve spent money on these things to enjoy them , not to keep them in a box for most of the year, right?!

Myth # 5 Fall Means Dark Colors And Earthy Tones

And that brings me to this color myth… sure, fall is all about browns and creams and deep reds, navy blues and hunter greens BUT that does not mean you can’t still incorporate bright colors and pastels into the mix!

A bright coral tank is the perfect thing to wear with a brown blazer, skinny jeans and ankle boots. A blush pink sweater is adorable with hunter green cargo pants and a nude heel. Like I mentioned above, a sunshine yellow dress pairs flawlessly with a denim jacket and boots.

So when it comes to wearing “summer” colors into the fall simply follow the guidelines I’ve mentioned earlier…pair the colors with fall shades and fabrics and they will work seamlessly into your wardrobe.

So there it is… my take on how to break all of the Fall Fashion “rules” !

I’d love to see how you style your fall outfits…

Post an outfit selfie in our Cru Fashion Support Group Page and show us how you are rockin’ your fall wardrobe!

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