Our "Let's Shop" service is for you if ...

  • you get overwhelmed by "ALL of the things" when you walk into a clothing store
  • you want an HONEST opinion on the pieces you try on  (yeah we are looking at you sales lady!)
  • you tend to always buy the outfits that the mannequin is wearing because "it's just easier that way"
  • you LOVE having a shopping buddy

Here's  how it works:

First, we send you a Style Profile form to complete. This helps us to suggest the perfect stores to shop that will fit your body type, budget and current wardrobe needs.

Next, we schedule a time and place to shop.

Then it's "go time" !! On your scheduled shopping day your stylist will arrive a bit early to pre-shop for you. Once you arrive all you need to do is pop into the dressing room and start trying things on! Easy peasy!

As you try on the outfits your stylist will be there for support - keeping your session body positive and encouraging (no dressing room meltdowns today!) and offering her honest opinion. She will also be your "runner" to swap out sizes and find pieces to add in to complete an outfit.

Together we make sure that you are only taking home items that you absolutely love and that make you feel completely fabulous!


$85 - up to 1.5 hour session

(includes: 30 min stylist pre-shop and 1 hour fitting room try-ons)

** $65 per additional hour

Schedule Your "Let's Shop" Session