10 Steps To Accepting A Compliment

Step #1-10 : Realize you ARE worthy of it!

Yep, that’s exactly right, yes there is only ONE thing you need to do >>> REALIZE THAT YOU ARE WORTHY!!

How many times has someone said “you look so cute today” or “wow I love that top on you” and your first reaction is to shrug it off with a “thanks, but…”

  • ” Ugh, thanks but I look so fat!”
  • ” Thanks but I’m a mess today, I woke up late…”
  • ” Thanks but my daughter picked it out, I have no style”
  • ” Thanks but it’s the only thing I had clean”

Ladies, it’s time to drop the “but” and everything that comes after it.

Just like every other woman in that office or in that checkout line, you too have qualities that make you absolutely stunning!

… and you know what?? It can be there and you may not even know it! You may be completely oblivious to the fact that your eyes light up a room or that you have the shiniest hair or sexy toes or that when you walk your calf muscles make the boys stare or that when you wear jeans JLo’s got nothing on your sexy ass…

We all tend to be so super critical of ourselves. When we look in the mirror we are so hyper focused on what we think doesn’t measure up that we miss the things that make us so incredibly beautiful to someone else.

>> And when I say “we” I mean ALL of us women! Show me a woman who always acts like her body doesn’t have a flaw and I’ll show you a woman that is just too insecure to admit it! So please know this, you are not alone. That woman you are so jealous of, she looks at herself in the mirror the same way you do . We all have our “things” and that’s okay, but those things don’t need to define us. Those things are a part of us but not everything that we are.

So the next time someone gives you a compliment, here’s what I want you to do… look that person right in the eyes, smile and say “thank you.” Period. End of sentence.

Annnnndd…. if you want to take it a step further and really get your groove back here’s your next step… when you have a minute to yourself I want you to pull out a notepad and on the top of the page I want you to write “Things About Me” . Then you are going to list your compliments as you receive them but in an “I ” or “My” format. So for example … “I look pretty today” “My new haircut is super cute” , etc. Each night I want you to read over the list then add one power sentence about yourself (even if it’s something you don’t feel at the moment!!) such as ” I am strong” or “I am always happy” .

Make a commitment to do this for 21 days (add a power sentence everyday whether you receive a compliment that day or not – let’s be real, somedays are all yoga pants and Netflix with no human interaction. It’s fine.)

Send me a DM on Instagram or Facebook if you decide to take me up on this little challenge. I’d love to check in on you when the 21 days are up and hear all about how much confidence you’ve gained!

(P.s . Compliments on your (no filter) social media pics totally count too!!)

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