About Us...

An iPhone, a pile of clothing and a girl with the "entrepreneur itch" is how it all began. And then the evolution of Cru went like this... an online store through the Poshmark app... to a brick-and-mortar boutique in North Jackson, Ohio... to a warehouse and successful online boutique ...and then finally adding in and settling right into our niche of a one-on-one personalized shopping and styling business with a quaint and adorable fashion studio in Canfield, Ohio .

  Stefanie, the girl behind the clothing is a girl boss with big dreams and a blessed life. Spending her days styling and shopping for amazing and beautiful women, helping them to conquer their fashion fears , and to embrace and rock the confidence they have buried inside by connecting them with the perfect wardrobe that makes them feel like the most true, trendiest and best versions of themselves. 



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